Help our superstitious hero reach his pot of gold without too much bad luck.

Collect "lucky" items and dodge those "unlucky" ones! The character is convinced that his luck will change depending on how you fare!

Choose a different path on each run; supplemented by the randomized movement of some of the "enemies", our hero will dodge his way to the end of the rainbow, where he believes he will find a pot of gold. Will you help him reach it, even though he seems oh so lost in superstition? :)

Controls: Up & Down arrow to move, Spacebar to shoot fireballs (when available). Fireballs, cuz why not. xD

How lucky will you be???


I still consider myself a beginner with Construct 2, and especially with visuals, pixel art included. Don't judge :)

#lowrezjam 2016

AuthorDream Dungeon
Made withConstruct
Average sessionA few minutes

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